Annual Scorpion Vetch (Coronilla scorpioides)

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Coronilla scorpioides belongs to the Fabaceae Family. Coronilla is a genus that contains annual, perennial and herbaceous shrubs (1).  It is a bluish green, hairless plant (2).  It is an erect branched annual species up to 40 cm, the leaves are simple or trifoliate, the terminal leaflets are elliptical to round in shape and are much larger than the others. The basal leafs are very small. The flowers are yellow in stalked heads of two to five petals. The pod is long and curved (1).

Life Cycle

Coronilla scorpioides is an annual plant, it blooms from April to May (1).


It is found in dry areas as well as cultivated and fallow fields (2).   It can also be found in flat country (1).


It is found in the Mediterranean area (3) as well as western Asia (4).

Conservation status

Not mentioned in IUCN Red List.


Description translated by Stella Ioannou (2009)

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