Bell Flower (Campanula hagielia)

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Campanula hagielia is found within the Campanulaceae Family.  It is very similar in looks to C. rupestris but its leaves are basal arranged.  The leaves are heart to oval shaped and may occasionally have a small pair of lyre-shaped leaflets below this (1).  Its large yellow or purple flowers are tube or bell shaped and have five petals.  The stigmas are long (1).  This type of Bellflower is often used as an ornamental plant (2).

Life Cycle

It is a perennial or bi-annual species (3) which blooms in April.


Like all the species of this family, the Bellflower can be found in hot and tropical regions (2). It grows also grows into rock crevices at various altitudes (1).


It is native plant of Greece and Turkey (1).  It can be found all around the Aegean Sea, mostly in Samos, Kastellorizo, Chios and Rhodes (3).

Conservation Status

It is a rare species which is protected by Greek law. It has also, previously, been included on the IUCN Red List (3).


Description written by Anna Theodoridou and Amy Trayler (2009)

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