Cephalaria (Cephalaria squamiflora)

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Cephalaria squamiflora is a shrub that is approximately 90 cm in height, it belongs to the Family Dispacaceae. It has simple, egg or lancelot shaped leaves with no hair. The leaves are leathery and they are arranged oppositely. The flowers are small with a tube-shaped corolla and four lobes. They are white or yellow and they form clusters which are egg-shaped or globular.  There are bracts between the flowers (1).

Life Cycle

Cephalaria squamiflora blooms from July until August (2).


This species prefers limestone cliffs and high altitudes between 1150 and 1750 m (2).


Within Greece this species can only be found in Ikaria and in Crete (2).

Conservation status

Not mentioned on the IUCN Red List Threatened Species (3).

This species been declining in the last few years and is threatened by overgrazing due to its’ small population (4).


Description translated by Natasa Palaiogewrgou (2009)

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