Crocus (Crocus laevigatus)

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This species belongs to the Iridaceae Family. It is a bulbous plant that has a short underground stalk.  The flowers of this Crocus are white, occasionally purple and they have dark veins in the upper surface of the petals. The leaves are linear and they have a white vein that runs down the centre (1).  The leaves are only partly developed during flowering time and are dark green (2).

Life Cycle

It is a perennial species that blooms during winter (November to January) (1).


It grows in open, rocky and scrub like habitats and is suited to the Greek mountains (1).  It can be found in many infertile and rough regions of the country (3).


It is a native flower of Greece. It is found in Attiki (Mount Penteli), eastern Peloponnisos, southern Euvoia, Cyclades and in Crete (4).

Conservation status

There are no references concerning the conservation status of this species (4).


Description translated by Maria Kokkini (2009)

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