Fumewort (Corydalis integra)

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It is a herbaceous species that belongs to the Fumariaceae Family.  The leaves are compound and with leaflets. The flowers are a bright purple or white color and they are tube shaped. Its below ground organs contain alkaloids which are used in pharmaceutics. It can sometimes be found as an ornamental plant (1).

Life Cycle

It is a perennial species that blooms from April to May (1).


It likes hills and cultivated land, but the most appropriate areas for its growth are areas with slightly pitched and well drained soils (4).


It is an endemic plant to the Aegean region (3).

Conservation status

Due to the fact that it is an endemic plant, it is protected by Greek law. It is also, previously, been mentioned on the IUCN Red List as an endangered species (2).


Description translated by Natasa Palaiogewrgou (2009)

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