Goldblotch Grouper ( Epinephelus costae )

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E. costae have an elongated pale brown-beige body with a pointed head and a prominent lower jaw.  They possess a faint yellow/gold elongated mark behind their head, as well as four visible horizontal lines on the upper half of their body.  They normally grow to 0.7-1m, but can reach up to 1.4m in length.  Juveniles differ from the adults as they have two brown lines on their operculum as well as a convex tail instead of the typical concave tail of the adults.  The sexually active males differ by having a distinct yellow mark behind their head, a very pale lower half of their body separated from their upper half by a distinct irregular black stripe (1).


E. costae inhabit rocky coastal areas, but can also be found at greater depths. They are mostly commonly found in the 10-100m depth range; their range extends to 5-300m (1).

Life Cycle

E. costae do not exhibit parental care over their eggs; they scatter their eggs in the water column (3).


E. costae are found in the Eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean (4).


E. costae is not recorded as a migratory species.


E. costae are normally solitary and swim in open water; often 5-10m from the bottom (1).  Juveniles form small shoals (2).


E. costae feed on pelagic species; their major prey is fish, however they sometimes feed on molluscs (5).

Conservation status

Not evaluated under the IUCN Redlist (6).


Description written by Nikkita Lawton (2009)

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