Heather (Erica manipuliflora)

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Erica manipuliflora can be found within the Family Ericaceae.  It can be found growing up to one meter tall. Growth can be either erect or spreading. The leaves are four to eight millimetres long, bright green and growing on whorls of three or four. The leaves’ growth can be erect or spreading.   The flowers are three to 3.5 mm long, pale pink and broadly bell-shaped. Individual flowers are stalked to a spine like inflorescence (cluster of flowers on a branch (1)), where the leaves are also attached (2).

Life Cycle

Erica manipuliflora is an evergreen shrub and flowers from August to December (2).


Heather can most often be found in dry sandy and rocky places.  It may also be found in light woodland, phrygana and maquis habitats, usually on calcareous soil (2).  It can be found from sea level to all the way up to around 2000 metres above sea level (3).


It is located within the Mediterranean basin from Italy and Sicily eastwards (2).

Conservation status

Not mentioned in IUCN Red List (4)


Description written by Aino Helakallio (2009)

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